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Tenali main road.JPG (82973 bytes)

This is the main road in the town that I visited called Tenali. It is a large town but many of the people haven't seen Europeans.

 view from hotel.JPG (102215 bytes)

This is the view from my hotel. The stream you can see is actually the open sewer that runs both sides of the road through out the whole town.

me and john-paul and family.JPG (101653 bytes)

This is the family that fed us. I am the one in the red shirt and my dad is next to me in the blue shirt. John-Paul is in the top left of the photo.

housing and pig.JPG (90715 bytes)

This is some of the typical housing in Tenali, this house is just outside the main part of the town.

kids in tenali.JPG (105375 bytes)

Here are some kids from the town and a man with his favorite pig.

man's pig.JPG (97828 bytes)

This is the pig in the previous photo. It's owner thought it deserved to be in a photo by itself.

cattle.JPG (110932 bytes)

Some cattle being led through the town.


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