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My name is Luke and I live in Gozo in Malta.

This is my first attempt at a web site, so accept my apologies if it is not up to scratch. I am learning all the time so it should get better.

There is some photos and info on my Holiday to India in July 2000, September 2001 and September 2003. I am going back September 2004 so I will have more photos etc. to come.

After 11 years of being stuck behind a desk in an office job, I decided it was time for a change. I Started my current job in December 2001, so I am now stuck behind the steering wheel of a bus.
It's not a bad job, it is more money than what I was earning and I drive all day, which I love.

I have recently purchased a new PC, I decided to buy a Dell. I am very pleased with what I got for the money.
But now I have got a decent PC I have started to play bigger and better games. I have just got into playing Halo online, I am not very good but I enjoy it. So if you see me in there, take it easy with me ;)

I have also got myself a new (to me) car, a 1994 Jaguar Sovereign 4lt Auto. Very nice car, when it was built it had loads of extras added as it was purchased by an MD of a large company. It gives a nice smooth ride, and is pretty fast (not above 70mph, honest guv ;) ). It is supposed to be able to cruise quite well at 140mph, although there is nowhere to legally test it.

I now Have a Smart Pure 03 plate. Surprisingly roomy. More later

The India trips listed online are made on behalf of our own charity (not yet a registered charity) called LifeSpring India. We are always looking for sponsors and donations. If you would like to help, please email me or follow the LifeSpring link to find out more or to donate online.

Well that's all from me for now.
If you have any ideas or you would like to now more information, just mail me at, ideas@big-bloke.com

Many thanks for visiting my site.

Bye for now.



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