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Our trip to India is going to be slightly different this year. We will be in India for a whole month, along with my 12 year old Nephew.


We will be leaving the UK on Saturday 25th September 2004 and arriving in Chennai on Sunday 26th. We should have one stop on the way, in Bahrain.

We will be returning on Monday 25th October 2004 from Delhi, I think we will have 2 stops coming back.


The basic plan so far is that we will have 2 days in Chennai then make our way up to Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, where we will be staying for 1 week. We shall then get a train back down to Chennai, change our suitcases and grab the donations and toys needed and then get a train to Chengannur, Kerala where we will be staying for around 10 days. We will then go back to Chennai for a week before heading up to Agra for the last 2 days. Then we go onto Delhi to get the plane home.


This year we are flying with Gulf Air. We would have gone with them last year, but the travel agent wouldn’t book with them due to the Gulf War, it was deemed to risky as the plane landed in the Gulf.
The 2002 trip (that I couldn’t go on) was made using Gulf Air, they are supposed to be very good.

Gulf Air has been very generous and has given us an extra 15Kgs baggage allowance each.


16 July 2004




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