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Preparations are well under way for our trip to India this year.

We are flying out on September 27th 2003 and due to return on October 19th 2003.

Donations are coming in, in the forms of money and gifts for the people will shall be visiting.

We are flying with Lufthansa this year. They have been very kind and allowed us 10kg extra baggage each. So we will be able to take an extra 30kg case with gifts and other items for the people we are visiting. The flight to India will be done in two stages. First we will fly from Heathrow to Frankfurt, and then from Frankfurt onto Chennai. It is a bit annoying it isnít a single flight, but the timings of the flights work out a lot better then what we have had before. We are due to leave Heathrow at 06:30, which means we have to check in at 03:30 at the latest. So we plan to leave home at around 1am. We are due to arrive in Chennai at 23:45 local time, which means that we will be able to go to the hotel and sleep for the night. Previously we have arrived at 6am which means that you have a full day ahead of you (very tiring).

This year we will be visiting Chennai (Madras, Tamil Nadu), Pathanamthitta (Kerala), Vijayawada and Tenali (Both in Andhra Pradesh). We are only going to Tenali for 1 day, to visit John-Paul who we visited the first time we went to India in 2000.

Whilst in Chennai I shall no doubt be visiting the crocodile and snake parks.


Wednesday 25 June 2003

We have just had our passports come back from the High Commission of India complete with our visas.

The current temperatures in Chennai are 28C min 41C max.

Tuesday 5 August 2003

Not a lot to report as yet.

Donations are still coming in, lots of knitted teddies to take with us.

The current temperatures in Chennai are 25C min and 35C max. The temperatures in the UK are at around 35C today and expected to be over 37C tomorrow.

I have already arranged the time off for our trip next year, we might have to go for 4 weeks next year.

Saturday 6 September 2003

3 Weeks until we go.

Temperatures in the UK are at around 17C and in Chennai it is 35C and thundery.

Saturday 20 September 2003

1 week to go!

The weather in Chennai hasnít changed; it is still 35C with thunder storms.

 We have started to pack, and we have problems. Lufthansa have kindly given us 30kgs. So that is 90kgs in total plus the carry on baggage at 8kgs each, we are already way over the limits. It is now the tough decision of what to leave behind.



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